Revolutionizing User Experience: Unveiling New Branding

3 min readSep 6, 2023

The new incarnation of the Raiinmaker brand bridges together its past and its present.

Raiinmaker was founded in 2018 primarily to:

1. Develop a technology solution to turn consumers into owners.


2. Create a vehicle to financially empower everyone on the planet.

2020 Version of the Raiinmaker Logo.

Through each version, the “ii” has been central to the Raiinmaker and $COIIN brand identities and symbolizes the value of human peer-to-peer interactions in the digital world.

$COIIN Logo Circa 2018.

With the Raiinmaker Network, we believe every human being is a creator and anyone can be a validator, with or without prior knowledge of blockchain technology. The app was designed to create ease of entry for Web2 social media users to migrate to and embrace Web3 technologies.

After releasing app version 3.0 this past August, the first “a” in the logo is also now emphasized to represent the integration of AI into Raiinmaker’s technology stack and in the Raiinmaker Network protocol.

The highly anticipated Raiinmaker App 3.0 introduced a plethora of powerful new features driven by AI. Among these additions is the AI generative art feature, empowering creators to produce compelling artwork with just a few clicks. By simply entering a prompt, our advanced AI will generate a unique piece of art for users to showcase on various social media platforms using the Raiinmaker App.

Raiinmaker Rebranded Logo 2023.

Furthermore, creators will have the opportunity to mint their own NFTs within Raiinmaker, adding value and uniqueness to their creations. The implementation of AI/ML technology dynamically optimizes the Proof of Influence Algorithm, and creates a fair and efficient system that rewards genuine influence.

Image of Nigerian Award-Winning Actress, Kate Henshaw. AI Regenerative Art Created On Raiinmaker By osaro_osula, 2023.

Raiinmaker will continue to evolve in 2024 with the public launch of the $COIIN Token, equipped with full utility within the Raiinmaker Network. The $COIIN token will play a pivotal role in the ecosystem, rewarding node validators and facilitating microservices fee billing.

Rebranded Coiin Logo 2023.

The Raiinmaker Network Protocol incorporates AI natively to power it’s behavior smart contracts and is interoperable with any AI system or LLM.

This launch represents a significant milestone in our journey toward redefining value creation within digital networks and Raiinmaker’s branding will continue to express our commitment to decentralized interactions across Web3 networks.

About Raiinmaker

Raiinmaker is an innovative Web3 and AI technology company that has successfully developed the Raiinmaker AI Super App and Raiinmaker Network. The Raiinmaker App is a cutting-edge Web3, creator platform that revolutionizes the monetization of users’ contribution to AI infrastructure. The Raiinmaker Network combines scalable Web3 and AI infrastructure that redefines value creation tied to digital identity, behavior, and reputation.

The Raiinmaker app is powered by the Raiinmaker Network, providing seamless integration with native Protocol Web3 features. These features include Identity, NFT Minting, Token Creation, and AI Powered Smart Contracts.

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Raiinmaker is a Web3 and AI Technology Company that has developed the Raiinmaker AI Super App and Raiinmaker Network Protocol.