Revolutionize AI with Raiinmaker’s Cutting-edge AI Data Labeling Platform!

3 min readFeb 9, 2024

We’re excited to give you a glimpse into the future of AI innovation with our new feature — A simple and easy to use AI Data annotation and model training system. Get ready to immerse yourself in the core of artificial intelligence with no experience necessary, contribute to its evolution, be creative, have fun and get rewarded while you’re at it.

Unveiling AI Data Labeling and Model Training: A 21st Century A Game-Changer

AI Data Labeling is the method of assigning significant tags to data, empowering AI models to identify patterns and make precise predictions. Imagine shaping the capabilities of AI with your imagination and just a few taps on your device.

Fueling the AI Community: Your Role Matters

By actively engaging in AI data labeling with 9 current models to train, you become an essential catalyst in advancing machine learning and AI. Your input aids in creating smarter, more accurate AI algorithms that benefit the entire community. Seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of groundbreaking technology — we’re putting the power in your hands!

Earn Rewards as You Label and Train

Recognition and rewards await your dedication. To join the revolution, you can Create Art with a prompt and a model of your choice, which includes something for everyone: Dream Art, Cute Creatures, Animal Characters, SciFi buildings, Diffusion XL, Diffusion,and 3D style and Photo Realistic.

You can then tag the generated art with a choice of Attributes for training, which includes your choice of Object, Description, Relationship and Action by simply pressing on the art in a specific location and typing in the associated tag. A minimum of 5 tags is needed to earn each $COIIN token. You then mint the generated Art with the prompt and tags included into an NFT. The NFT’s metadata is used to enhance and strengthen the models with every generation minted! The NFT is then sent to your wallet on Raiinmaker as a collectible for you to keep. $COIIN is the native token on the Raiinmaker Network Protocol, the network at the heart of the Raiinmaker AI Super App.

The Raiinmaker Network Protocol is a federated hybrid blockchain with a novel Consensus mechanism powered by immutable proof of identity, behavior and network activity.

Your commitment to enhancing AI comes with a playful and inventive experience with tangible rewards.

Thrilled about the possibilities? So are we! The AI Data Labeling feature has been released on Raiinmaker, and you can be among the pioneers to experience it.

Don’t miss out on the chance to unleash your creativity, earning rewards by generating AI art, and minting your own NFTs.

Download Raiinmaker Now and Start Earning $COIIN

Download the Raiinmaker app and dive into the world of AI generative art right at your fingertips … using your smartphone. Create breathtaking AI art, share it with the community, and witness your $COIIN balance grow. It’s not just about creating; it’s about contributing to the future of AI.

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About Raiinmaker

Raiinmaker is an innovative Web3 and AI technology company that has successfully developed the Raiinmaker AI Super App and Raiinmaker Network. The Raiinmaker App is a cutting-edge Web3, creator platform that revolutionizes the monetization of users’ contribution to AI infrastructure. The Raiinmaker Network combines scalable Web3 and AI infrastructure that redefines value creation tied to digital identity, behavior, and reputation.

The Raiinmaker app is powered by the Raiinmaker Network, providing seamless integration with native Protocol Web3 features. These features include Identity, NFT Minting, Token Creation, and AI Powered Smart Contracts.

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Raiinmaker is a Web3 and AI Technology Company that has developed the Raiinmaker AI Super App and Raiinmaker Network Protocol.