Raiinmaker: The Bridge From Web2 To Web3 Social Creator Platform

At present, the majority of people who use web2 social channels have not dabbled with cryptocurrency or blockchain technology, yet web3 technological concepts like the “metaverse” are quickly becoming a reality and the fear-of-missing-out is permeating among non-adopters. That said, the current user migration from web2 to web3 is a watershed moment of opportunity and Raiinmaker has built the vessel to facilitate a frictionless transition for the masses.

Everyone Is A Creator.

With the creator economy booming, social content creators demanding their fair share, and the momentum of crypto adoption, Raiinmaker is poised for rapid user adoption as the tech stack allows every social content creator, regardless of follower count, earn their fair share transparently through cryptocurrency and NFT rewards simply by sharing on existing social channels. Anyone can join Raiinmaker, post to social, and stack crypto.

On Raiinmaker, users can Create-to-Earn™ by sharing organic or curated content on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Their influence is then measured, tracked, and transparently hashed on a hybrid blockchain architecture through Raiinmaker’s proprietary algorithm, Proof of Influence™. Raiinmaker then distributes the value of the content created back to the user via the native token $COIIN, various cryptocurrencies, and NFTs.

Everyone is a Raiinmaker.

In the past, the vast majority of social content creators created value for social platforms without being fairly compensated for the value they create. With Raiinmaker, social content creators equitably earn the value they create via crypto or NFT rewards, regardless of the size of their audience. In addition, Raiinmakers are matched with programmatically defined campaigns that connect with the individual’s unique data profile and incentivizes them to engage in specific social actions.

As more creators adopt Raiinmaker and share user generated or curated content, communities and brands will be attracted to onboard campaigns and stake Raiinmaker’s native token $COIIN, other cryptocurrencies, and NFT rewards. As social content creators see relevant brands and communities join Raiinmaker, user adoption and retention will grow. This network effect between social content creators, brands and communities will enhance the Raiinmaker ecosystem and increase the utility of the native token, $COIIN.

About Raiinmaker

Raiinmaker is the Web3 social creator platform bridging the gap between legacy social media communities and the new cryptocurrency metaverse. The platform revolutionizes the monetization and distribution of social value driven by user generated content. Raiinmaker has over 20 blockchains currently integrated to reward users in crypto & NFT’s for their social capital and is a fully scalable Web3 platform that has the speed and throughput to match the transaction volume of the Visa network, while leveraging the security and hash power of public Blockchains. Additionally, Raiinmaker has committed 4% of the profits and fees to support global impact initiatives including entrepreneurship, youth empowerment and climate change.

For more information, visit: http://www.raiinmaker.com.

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