Helping More Creators Join The Crypto Revolutiion

The website has a whole new look and Version 2.0 of the app with the rebranding is targeted to be launched by end of February.

The Mission Behind the Raiinmaker Platform …

Raiinmaker’s parent company, Vision Tree, is focused on transforming the world with media and technology.

We built Raiinmaker to be user-friendly enough so that any person on the planet could participate in joining the crypto revolution simply by transferring the value they create on web 2 social onto web 3 via Raiinmaker.

About Raiinmaker

Raiinmaker is the Web 3.0 social creator platform bridging the gap between legacy social media communities and the new cryptocurrency metaverse. The platform revolutionizes the monetization and distribution of social value driven by user generated content. Raiinmaker has over 20 blockchains currently integrated to reward users in crypto & NFT’s for their social capital and is a fully scalable Web 3.0 platform that has the speed and throughput to match the transaction volume of the Visa network, while leveraging the security and hash power of public Blockchains. Additionally, Raiinmaker has committed 4% of the profits and fees to support global impact initiatives including entrepreneurship, youth empowerment and climate change.

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