Raiinmaker Network Protocol: Introducing the Coiin Validator System

5 min readSep 26, 2023

The Raiinmaker Network Protocol is powered by a unique Consensus mechanism with Independent and Proxy Validators hashing final proof of transactions and network activity via Raiinmaker’s Network Validation Layer (NVL). Coiin Validators sign blocks and notarize a hash-based proof of network consensus on top of other public blockchains including Ethereum, Bitcoin, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Algorand. They compete for a share of each month’s Coiin Validator Mining Rewards.

The Coiin Validator System comprises Independent and Proxy Validators, who compete for $COIIN based on identity, behavior, and economic rewards variables, including the incentivization of Validators’ self-custody staking of $COIIN tokens.

Under the Hood of The Coiin Validator System

The Coiin Validator System calculates the cumulative value generated on the Raiinmaker Network during each monthly token mining period. This value is derived from factors including the number of apps/users on Coiin, the number of User Action Layer (UAL) signed blocks, the number of user actions across the network, the number of smart contract executions and token transfers, and the number of new registered identity factors. A corresponding number of $COIIN tokens are minted based on the cumulative network activity over the 29.5-day minting period.

Validator Scores

Validator rewards are distributed proportionally based on their Validator score, which is determined by a combination of Identity, Behavior, and Economic variables for each Independent and Proxy Validator.

  1. Validator Score: Measures an individual’s validator node contribution to the network’s integrity through regular block signing (every 30 min) and is influenced by the frequency of block signing and how long they have been signing.
  2. Behavior Score: Refers to the actions and engagements of Raiinmaker network participants, including completing identity verification, linking wallets, participating in quests, minting NFTs, and contributing to AI model training.
  3. Identity Score: Rewards users for safely providing evidence supporting attributes of their identity through levels of KYC verifications and the addition of proof of identity to the network, measuring the level of trust and transparency associated with a participant.
  4. Economic Score: Reflects the prudent management of tokens, such as holding, burning, self-custody staking of $COIIN, $BTC, or select NFTs, indicating a long-term perspective, which positively affects a user’s overall score.

Independent Nodes & Identity Behavior-Based Validator Rewards

On the Raiinmaker Network Protocol, Validators compete for a share of the newly minted $COIIN tokens via Independent and Proxy Nodes registered on the Raiinmaker Network Console and the Raiinmaker AI Super App. Independent Validators run nodes that independently verify and sign blocks on the Protocol’s Network Validation Layer (NVL), with nodes deployed on the Validator’s Desktop CPU, Server, or even via a Mobile Device.

Raiinmaker’s technology allows app users to function as Independent Validators. Utilizing a unique cryptographic keypair on the user’s mobile device, Raiinmaker app users sign NVL Blocks without technical knowledge, with all Validator functions running seamlessly in the background. This enables millions of Independent Validators to secure the Network with extreme decentralization.

Another feature of the Coiin Validator System lies in its identity and behavior-based reward distribution. The Coiin Mining algorithm calculates a score for each Validator derived from measured and weighted variables including behavior, network activity, identity, and economic variables. By rewarding Validators based on behavior beneficial to the Network and Ecosystem (such as holding and staking Rewards and $COIIN on the Network), the Protocol incentivizes users to act in a manner that benefits all stakeholders, increasing the value of the Network exponentially. This makes the network truly decentralized and community-owned and operated.

Proxy Nodes & Self-Custody Validator Staking

In addition to identity and behavior-based validator rewards, Raiinmaker introduces an innovative self-custody staking feature, adding an extra incentive for users to secure the network. Validators earn rewards by staking their $COIIN tokens in personal wallets connected to their registered Independent or Proxy Validator Node. This aspect of the Validator Reward calculation is verified through time-based smart contracts, ensuring transparency and reliability, with greater rewards earned based on the duration and amount of $COIIN Tokens staked on the Network.

Proxy Nodes on the Network operate through a Non-Custodial Delegated Proof of Stake mechanism, where Proxy Validators are rewarded for locking up $COIIN Tokens on the Network in connection with their registered Proxy Node. The staking of $COIIN for Proxy Validators is fully liquid, with users maintaining the ability to un-stake or withdraw tokens at any time. Validators are rewarded the longer they keep tokens staked to the network.

Network Equilibrium: Distribution of Value and Validator Rewards

Maintaining balance in the $COIIN Token Economy is crucial to the protocol and ecosystem’s long-term sustainability. The Raiinmaker Network Protocol introduces universally applicable parameters tied to Identity, Behavior, and Network Reputation. These variables balance the value created on the Raiinmaker Network and ensure the equitable distribution of rewards to Independent and Proxy Coiin Validators. This balance guarantees fair and adequate validator incentives to support the network.

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